Suggestion Box Answers


Ever wonder what happens to the suggestions you put in the library suggestion box?  Today I’ll be answering some.  And please, keep them coming!


“The library should be open all the time periods 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

8, and 9.”

Answer: I agree!  If only there were more of me!  The library is closed one period a day so I can eat lunch (yes, I eat, too), and scheduled for “reference passes only” when a teacher has scheduled their class to use the library for that period.  During those periods, I do still welcome students that have something they need to do in the library (i.e. get/use a library resource, work on a computer) with a reference pass from your teacher.  Those are the main reasons why the library closes.  Of course, there are also times when I am called out of library for meeting and workshops that also close the library.  The library will also be closing for Senior Projects at the end of the year.

But please come to the library in the mornings and after school!  I usually open the library around 7 and close the library at 2:50.  You are also welcome during homeroom!  Just be sure to let your homeroom teacher know you’re in the library.


“New events every week like activities.”

Answer: Yes!  We’ve had a few events this year (i.e. book club meetings, coffee shop after school during Teen Read Week) but I’d love to have more but need help!  The library club will be starting up again next year in full force and will go beyond just the book club.  My hope for the library club is that the club will create activities for the library that can be on a regular basis.  Some events I’d like to see:  book club, gaming events, tech workshops, social networking workshops, and anything else that would interest you!

I hope to see you at the Texting Contest next Thursday after school to help celebrate Teen Tech Week!

Book suggestions are always put in a folder until the next time I put in a book order.  However, just because you suggested a book, it may not be ordered for the library.  All books pass the library’s selection policy and will be reviewed before being ordered.  If your suggestion is not ordered, keep in mind I can always order it from another library through Access Pennsylvania.


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