Kristen named Hopewell HS 2009 Texting Campion!


The texting contest was a success!  8 participants texted it out, but only one could be the champion.  Participants and moderators crowded around the screen near the stacks to see what would be the phrase.  Everything had to look exactly as it did on the screen, with punctuation and capitulation’s, etc.  After a few practice rounds, we got into the competition and the bottom two were eliminated.  The final round was Ms. Rice v. Kristen.  The phrase was: “AbcDefGhiJklMnoPqrStuVwxY and Z.  Now I know my A-B-C’s, next time won’t you text with me?”  Ms. Rice was first, however, she had a few errors.  Kristen got it through with only one error to beat Ms. Rice for the championship.  Congratulations!

A special thanks to Mrs. Boots and Ms. Meyers for moderating.  Also, thanks to all who came out to support their friends and watch!


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