New Books!

New books arrived at the library yesterday afternoon.  Check them out on display near the window in the fiction section.  The new books include:

A Little Friendly Advice, by Siobhan Vivian
When Ruby’s divorced father shows up unexpectedly on her sixteenth birthday, the week that follows is full of confusing surprises, including discovering that her best friend has been keeping secrets from her, her mother has not been truthful about the past, and life is often complicated.

Wish You Were Here, by Catherine Clark
On a free-wheeling bus tour of the West with assorted family members, senior citizens galore, and one boy her age, sixteen-year-old Ariel writes postcards to her maybe-boyfriend and others while trying to cope with the effects of her parents’ divorce.

The Great Call of China, by Cynthea Liu
When Chinese-born Cece learns about the S.A.S.S. program to Xi’an, China, she jumps at the chance.  She’ll be able to learn about her passion, anthropology, and it will give her the opportunity to explore her roots.

Unbelievable: A Pretty Little Liars Novel, by Sara Shepard
Four girls living in a wealthy suburb discover the identity of a stalker who has been sending them shocking text messages, and uncover the mystery of who killed their childhood friend.

The Boyfriend Game, by Stephie Davis
Trish would be completely freaking out over varsity soccer tryouts if it weren’t for the new student, Graham, who’s helping her practice.  He has the most amazing green eyes, curly brown hair, and perfect legs.


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