Spanish Authors

Word on the street is some Spanish classes need to read a book by a Spanish author.  If this is you, or if you just are looking for a new author to read, you’re in luck!  I’ve put together a list of Spanish authors (including those from Latin America, Spain, any Spanish speaking country) whose book(s) we have in the hs library.  Here’s the list:

Malín Alegría (Estrella’s Quinceanera)

Julia Alverez (How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents)

Miguel de Cervantes (Don Quixote of La Mancha)

Sandra Cisneros (The House On Mango Street)

Melissa de la Cruz (Angels On Sunset Boulevard)

Margarita Engle (The Poet Slave of Cuba:  A Biography of Juan Francisco Manzano)

Jack Gantos (Hole In My Life)

Oscar Hijuelos (Dark Dude)

Nicholasa Mohr (In Nueva York)

Pablo Neruda (The Essential Neruda:  Seclected Poems)

Micol Ostow (Crush du Jour and Gettin’ Lucky)

Matt de la Peña (Ball Don’t Lie)

Lynda Sandoval (Chicks Ahoy)

Gary Soto (The Afterlife and Help Wanted: Stories)

Gaby Triana (Backstage Pass)

Rita Williams-Garcia (Every Time A Rainbow Dies, Like Sisters On The Homefront, and No Laughter Here)

These authors are also printed out in the library on bookmarks.  Feel free to take one!  They are located on the circulation desk with the other bookmarks.

Feliz lectura!


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