January in Hopewell

January means a few things here at Hopewell:  a new year,  the ever possibility of a snow day, midterms, the halfway point of the school year, and the beginning of research paper time!

Yes, the end of the semester is upon us which comes along with the dreaded midterms.  The library will be open all three days during midterm exams,  so if you have a study hall, you will have a quiet place to study, or if you’re finished with midterms, a place to come and relax and read.  There will be no talking during midterms so those who want to study, can do so in quiet.

After midterms, along with the new semester comes  comp research time.  The time of year every comp student dreads!  I’m excited to have the library buzzing with the comp. students researching and writing, and researching, and rewriting, and researching.  If you have comp this year, I promise, you’ll get through your first major research paper fine, as long as you work hard!  Once you’ve done it the first time, it’s not scary anymore.

Book Club is reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch this month.  We’ll be meeting on Monday, January 25 immediately after school in the library.  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t come yet this year, all are welcome.  Stop by for good conversation (and I usually bring some type of snack).


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