The new OPAC has arrived and is ready for you to use!  The OPAC is the same as what you used to know as the card catalog.  OPAC stands for Online, Public, Access, Catalog.  And our OPAC is just that, online and ready for you to use anywhere you’re on a device with Internet access.

I made a 5 minute screencast to introduce you to the OPAC (called Destiny Quest).  You can view this video on the help page of the Library Web site.  The video will show you how to log-in, search, check your info, etc.  Check it out!

You also have the ability to put items on hold for yourself.  You must be logged-in to do this, but you simply find the item and reserve the item.  In the OPAC, you have the ability to reserve any item, however, only items that are checked out when you put them on hold will be pulled and sent to your homeroom.  If the item is checked in, you will have to come into the library yourself and get the book from the shelf to check out.

If you have any questions about how to use the OPAC, stop in the library and ask Mrs. Busch or send her an e-mail at


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  1. Erika Said:

    The new OPAC is really cool, and A LOT nicer than the old one!!

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