Library Suggestion Box: Your suggestions and questions answered

The library has a physical suggestion box located above the reserve shelf (directly across from the circulation desk) as well as a virtual suggestion box (linked from the library homepage).

I’ve received several suggestions so far this year, most silly (i.e. “No freshman”). The one series suggestion I received I will answer here.

Suggestion:   Just a suggestion…alternate the periods that you’re open.  Don’t leave the library closed for the whole week on the same period, then the next week too.  It’s hard on people who need to use the library and can’t get it.  Thanks!!

Answer:  Thanks for your suggestion!  I try to do this as much as possible.  I know it can be hard sometimes when the library is closed the same period for an extended amount of time.  Let me explain why that is.  The library works on a flexible schedule.  It is my goal to collaborate with as many teachers as possible to get you as students into the library as much as possible while you’re here at the high school so you can leave here with the information literacy and research skills you need to survive in the real world (and of course college).  Because of the way the library is physically set up and the fact that there is only one of me (i.e. no other librarian, secretary, or aide) the library must be closed when I have a scheduled class in the library.  Sometimes, projects that I work on with teachers require classes to be scheduled in the library multiple days in the library in succession during the same periods.  When this occurs, yes, the library unfortunately will be closed the same period many days in a row.  This is something that can’t be changed with the resources available to me.  The library is open in the morning before school (starting at 7), during homeroom, and after school until 2:30.  You are also permitted to come to the library to work during your lunch period if I’m open.  I would prefer if you would like to come to the library during your lunch that you go eat something first, and then come to the library, or vice versa.  Again, thanks again for your suggestion, and I hope I helped you understand why I have to close the library the same periods for multiple days in a row.

As always, I love hearing you suggestions and comments.  If you ever have any questions as to why the library works the way it does, or suggestions on how to improve the library, I would love to hear your ideas!  Do you know of some new good books coming out?  I’d love to hear what you’d like to see in our library.  Keep those suggestions and comments coming!


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