Understanding Copyright: Mrs. Dran Period 3

What is copyright?  In class today, we watched the music video What’s Copyright?, read the article Understanding Copyright by Renee Hobbs, Katie Donnelly, and Sandra Braman, and had discussions about copyright.  You also completed a worksheet about what you learned and listed question you have about copyright with your partner.  You even had time to do some research and explore answers to questions you have.

Individually, post a comment (a short paragraph) about what you learned about copyright.  Your post should include at least one thing you learned from looking up your questions from the worksheet.  You may also include anything you learned today, and any questions you may still have about copyright.  Remember, use proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization!



  1. Landrew Said:

    I was not aware that Copyright is also tight (in depth) with the first amendment. I was also not aware of of ‘Fair Use’, which ties in with our rights.

  2. Catey B Said:

    The consequences of copyright infringement are very serious. The copyright holder can sue you for damages or their loss of profits. The copyright older may also seek up to $150,00 per infringement.

  3. Natalie Said:

    I learned that if you are using copyrighted material for the benefit of society, you do not have to pay or get permission. Also I learned that copyright protects your work even after you have died.

  4. Ashley Said:

    Today I learned that the idea of copyrighting material came from our rights in the First Amendment. Ideas should be advailable to everyone as long as the source is contributed. I also learned that even if you reword the original material you do not have to copyright it but just cite it.

  5. nicole t Said:

    copyrighting effects everything we do each day from reading to music and movies. copyrighting lasts from the day it is published to years after the death of the person. copyrighting has also gone from very strict to the fair use clause that allows us to speak our minds

  6. Ted P Said:

    I learned that if a person was to copyright that their works would be destroyed. Also a copyright lawsuit can lead to “book burning” mandated by law. I also found out that copyrighting is not just for books, but music, adio, videos, dvds and even photocopies. Copyrighting really affects your everyday life.

  7. Nicole F. Said:

    I learned that the consequences of copyright may be minor or major, depending on the circumstances of the case. Sometimes you may have to pay a monetary fine. Other cases may result in jail time or probation. This occurs when the person who infringes the material tries to receive money for it. So make sure you follow the copyright rules!

  8. Kaitlyn W. Said:

    I learned the difference between copyright law and patent law. Copyright law protects work of “intellectual property” – creative expressions of ideas in fixed symbolic form where as patent law protects the expression of novel ideas in the form of objects or processes. A few types of created work protected by copyright are books, movies, music, etc.

  9. Erica O. Said:

    I learned how the copyright laws build upon the values of the First Amendment. I am also now aware of the principles that support the approach to intellectual property rights. Example: Science and arts, etc.

  10. Lindsey M Said:

    I learned that Copyright protects five freedoms of the First Amendment and it’s intellectual properties. It can only be criticized under Fair Use. One of the questions that I asked was what would happen if Copyright was broken? The answer was that you could be sued for damages and for the lost profit. Also, there could be a possible imprisonment.

  11. Craig Fontana Said:

    Copyrights and patents are very important to the people who like to invent and create. The first amendment insures the freedoms of press and speech, so long as they are truthful. Without copyright laws, an individuals work can be stolen and profited at the original creators expense. I also have learned about the consequences of copyright infringement, and how copyrighting has an affect on our daily lives.

  12. Amanda S. Said:

    I learned that copyright infringement is the use of works under copyright, violating the copyright owner’s exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work. Also, though, I learned that the fair use doctrine enables others to use the copyright owner’s work so that we can change it without punishment, permission, or payment.

  13. Katie B Said:

    I learned that copyright laws came from the values of the First Amendment. When benefiting a society, it allows people to use someone else’s work without having permission or having to pay. Copyright laws can cover any piece of work from a book to a movie. It protects a person’s work of “intellectual property.”

  14. Lauren DiGi Said:

    I learned that copyright does not only benefit the person who owns it, but also the people that are using the copyrighted material. This is established through the fair use doctrine that allows everyone to use copyrighted maretial equally.

  15. Christina Murdoch Said:

    Copyright is based on the first amendment. A ton of material is protected under copyright such as books and media. The fair use doctrine promises people access to that information that would allow them to participate as citizens. And copyrighted materials can be used in a teaching enviroment and it would not be considered an infragment.

  16. April G Said:

    I learned that a copyright law protects works of creative expressions of ideas in fixed symbolic forn. A copyright lasts for 14 years and you can renew it for an additional 14 years. Although the duration has lengthened over the years and a work can be protected for 70 years after an author’s death.

  17. Nick LaSota Said:

    I learned that copy right laws tie into our First Ammendment Rights of Freedom Of Speech. Copyright laws can be bended by fair use as long as the use of the copyrighted work is beneficial to society. I would like to learn a little more on the consequences of copyright infringement and how punishable by law it is.

  18. Adam S Said:

    I learned that the owner can creat derivative works with copyright. Not only is copyright used to protect and secure one’s work, it is used to promote the creation and use of knowledge. A question I still have is what punishment is issued for copyright infringement?

  19. Mike Jividen Said:

    Before this lesson I was not aware of many of the copyright laws and concepts. I did not know that copyright laws were used to promote knowledge and creation. I also learned about the terms of Fair Use.

  20. Alaina A Said:

    I learned the consequenses of violating copyright is sued for damages and lost profit. More severe consequenses include probation and jail. You have the right to use copyright under the First Amendment. You need permission to use someone elses work. Copyright is included in books, movies, song lyrics and even photocopies.

  21. Rob Swan Said:

    I learned that copyrighting is crucial to people who are inspired to invent and create new things. Unfortunately, there are people out there who try to steal ideas from others. This is where the copyright laws come into play. These laws are made to make sure that people do not copy or steal the ideas of others.

  22. Sam A Said:

    When reading about copyright, I learned that copyright law protects works of “intellectual property.” I also learned copyright initially lasted 14 years but now it is in effect 70 years after the author’s death. Copyright law builds upon the values of the first amendment. Copyright allows people to use other’s work without payment or permission.

  23. Matt Bates Said:

    I have learned why every citizen needs to understand copyright during my studying of the subject. It is important for people to understand the rules of using and distributing copyrighted material. Using people’s coprighted material without proper permission can lead to serious trouble. There have been cases of holders sueing for over $150,000 for copyright infringement in the U.S. Copyright laws protect people’s property.

  24. Jenna Compton Said:

    I learned that copyright was established in the constitution in 1787 and that it initially lasted only fourteen years. Also, I learned that copyrighting deals with audio, video, and other forms of entertainment. From my research, I learned what happens if a copyright is infringed. Anyone who infringes a copyrighted work may be liable for statutory damages up to $30,000 for each work. If willful infringement is proven, that amount may be increased to $150,000 per work. Also, the infringer may be liable for the attorney’s fees incurred by the copyright owner to inforce his or her rights.

  25. Brittany Said:

    I learned that copyrights exist from the moment a work is created. However, to make sure that someone doesn’t infringe on a copyright, one should register with the U.S. Copyright Office. Also, I learned that copyright mostly deals with different types of media.

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