Understanding Copyright: Mrs. Dran Period 7

What is copyright?  In class today, we watched the music video What’s Copyright?, read the article Understanding Copyright by Renee Hobbs, Katie Donnelly, and Sandra Braman, and had discussions about copyright.  You also completed a worksheet about what you learned and listed question you have about copyright with your partner.  You even had time to do some research and explore answers to questions you have.

Individually, post a comment (a short paragraph) about what you learned about copyright.  Your post should include at least one thing you learned from looking up your questions from the worksheet.  You may also include anything you learned today, and any questions you may still have about copyright.  Remember, use proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization!



  1. cody Said:

    I learned that copyright is more than just the C with the cirle around it. It was created in 1787 and it goes along with helping to protect our rights in the first amendment. It promotes creativity so people wont “copy” what other people did. Also there is a fair use doctrine which lets you use other peoples works without their permission (as long as the benefits outweigh the cost.) An example would be if you use it in a classroom or something like that. Another thing is that a copyright is valid for 70 years after the death of the creator. As for the video, at least i had the lyrics in front of me becasue i could not understand them that well.

  2. Anthony Said:

    I learned that copyright law was built upon the First Amendment and were put in the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Copyright law protects the works of people. Some examples of items that might be copyrighted are movies, music, paintings, websites, software, and many others. These items are copyrighted to protect their work from being reproduced, distributed, or displayed without the creators permission.
    While looking up my question about obtaining a copyright for something somebody had created, I found that as soon as a work is created, it becomes copyrighted by putting a (c) and the year it was created but, to have official documentation of the copyright, one has to register their work. By registering their work, they will have facts of their copyright on public record and and certificate.

  3. Cassie Said:

    I learned that copyright law builds upon the vaules of the First Amendment and protects works of “intellectual property,” such as books, movies, music, and websites. A work created today by an author will be protected by copyright for 70 years after the author’s death. I also learned about the fair use doctrine, which allows users to make use of copyrighted works without permission or payment when the benefit to society outweighs the cost to the copyright holder.

  4. Stacie Said:

    I learned so many things about copyright. Copyright comes from the First Amendment. It protects “intellectual property.” We use copyright everyday such as when we watch a movie, read a book, listen to music, and even in school. After the person who created something dies, it is protected for seventy more years. Although I learned so much about copyright, I still have a few unanswered questions. For example, Where did the copyright symbol come from? Who invented copyright? And do all movies, books, and songs apply?

  5. Reka Said:

    I learned that the Copyright Act began in the year of 1976. The 2 main questions people should know about copyright is 1. What is fair use doctrine ? and 2.What are the Fair Use guidelines? ; I also learned that people must have the owner’s permission for whatever work they may would like to copy.

  6. Chunk Said:

    I learned alot about copyright in these short fun filled days. I learned that copyright is a form of protection for those who are creative and make and produce their own work from being used by another person. This makes it so that the only person proffiting off of the creative work is the creator themself. The only questions i have left are, who invented copyright?, can you buy the full rights off of somebody?, how long does the work stay in the domain? and thats all. Thats about all. CHUNK OUT.

  7. austin searfoss Said:

    I have learned why every citizen needs to understand copyright during my studying of the subject. It is important for people to understand the rules of using and distributing copyrighted material. Using people’s coprighted material without proper permission can lead to serious trouble. There have been cases of holders sueing for over $150,000 for copyright infringement in the U.S. Copyright laws protect people’s property.

  8. Samantha Said:

    The first day in the library learning about copyright taught me a lot of stuff I didn’t know before. I learned that copyright is apart of the First Amendment. Copyright promotes creativity by protecting any work that is created. But it also lets others use the owners work for different uses.

  9. Emily Said:

    I learned many things about copyright. One thing i learned was that it protects the five freedoms. Copyright comes from the first amendment. This law protects works of “intellectual property” such as many movies, books and music. Owners have many rights and can tell others to reproduce the work or distribute copies of the work and many other interesting things. Work made by an author is protected by copyright for 70 years after the authors death. There were many other things i learned but i also have a few questions. My questions are who invented the copyright? and what would copyright be if it wasnt involved with the first amendment?

  10. Sir Kevin Eberle Said:

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  11. taylor Said:

    There were many things I learned about copyright. One thing that I thought was interesting was that copyright protects a work created by the author for 70 years after the author’s death. Copyright was built upon the First Amendment. It protects works of “intellectual property”. Copyright involves 5 different rights. There is a fair use doctrine found in Section 107 of the Copyright Act, which was made in 1976. Fair use allows people to refer to and make copies of the original piece. I still have a few questions about copyright though. Who invented copyright? What would copyright be without the First Amendment? What do you have to do to copyright something you make?

  12. Josh G Said:

    I learned that when copyrighting first started, it only last 14 years. It could last an additional 14 years if the copyright owner renewed the registration. Now, any work created today will be protected by copyright for 70 years. And it can last even longer if the copyrighted material is work for a corporation, from 95 years from the first year of publication or even 120 years from the year of its creation. I have one question though. Did the person who thought of copyright, copyright the idea of copyright?

  13. DranBitts Said:

    i learned that in the rules of copyright there is fair use which means u may use someone elses work for educational purposes. I also learned that the penalty for breaking the copyright law is 75000 dollar fine and possible jail time.

  14. Josh Said:

    Copyright protects my property that i made. If someone uses my materials that i used first. Copyright comes from the First Amendment. its been around for 95 years.

  15. stigma Said:

    During my time in the library i learned about copyright. I learned about how it protects my first amendment rights and how it protects my personal creativity from other peoeple trying to claim it as there own work. I also learned that the copyright act was created in 1976. Also, when copyright first started your work was only protected for 14 years unless you renew it. it was later extended to 70 years. the only question i have about copyright is, who first came up with the idea of copyright?

  16. Regis Said:

    Durring the wonderful time i spent in the library i learned about copyrite. I learned how it not only protects the owners rites from theft but the users rites to use the material for the betterment of the people. You can use copyrited material to expand on knowlege and to promote creativity.

  17. Nicole Said:

    I learned that copyright comes from the values in the first amendment. It protects works of intelectual property. The fair use doctrine allowes users to to use copyrited works without permission or without paying when the benefit of society outweighs the cost to the copyright owner. Also i learned that the infringment of a copyright can result in fines, lawsuites, jail time or maybe just destroying the copies of the material.

  18. Alayna Said:

    I learned about how imporant copyright is for everyone. The self expression for each person is shown through what we make and do. To invent something that might make the world a better place should be protected. I learned that the first amendment helps use to speach freely and to talk about it with others. I also learned that creative commons was developed in order to counteract problems with the current copyright system. They also provides useful copyright alternative. The imporantance of explaning your ideas is widly promote and protected.

  19. Nikki Said:

    I learned many things about the copyright laws in class. I learned that it applies to songs as well as books and other written material. I never knew this. It’s actually pretty cool. And it helped me to know what I can and can’t use legally. I also learned that the fair use law allows you to change copyright material and use it in a beneficial way, without permission. That’s something very helpful to know.

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