Understanding Copyright: Mrs. Dran Period 8

What is copyright?  In class today, we watched the music video What’s Copyright?, read the article Understanding Copyright by Renee Hobbs, Katie Donnelly, and Sandra Braman, and had discussions about copyright.  You also completed a worksheet about what you learned and listed question you have about copyright with your partner.  You even had time to do some research and explore answers to questions you have.

Individually, post a comment (a short paragraph) about what you learned about copyright.  Your post should include at least one thing you learned from looking up your questions from the worksheet.  You may also include anything you learned today, and any questions you may still have about copyright.  Remember, use proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization!



  1. Matt Mankowski Said:

    Copyright is for the people. Copyrighted material can be used in documentaries because of the Fair Use Act freely if in a fair manner. Copyright protects intellecutal property and emphasizes sharing ideas and information to lead to new knowledge and information.

  2. tyson Said:

    this was a very informative video. It helped me learn about copyright, and what it stands for.

  3. molly thuer Said:

    Today I learned about Copyright. Copyright was not always around. It was created in 1787 to protects people’s rights. The main purpose of copyright is to promote the creation and use of knowledge. Copyright protects all of the work that authors, artists, scientists, and inventors do, so no one can steal their work and call it their own. Copyright makes it so these people want to keep creating things and producing knowledge and this contributes to the good of society.

  4. Tristan McDaniel Said:

    Today in the library, we learned all about copyright. Before today I always believed that copyright was created to keep people from stealing other people’s materials. However, I have learned that copyright is actually there to help spread knowledge among the public. A question that I was unsure about is why is it such a big deal to use the exact same information as someone else as long as you change it in a small way. Today I learned the answer to that question is that if everyone just stole the excat same idea, the economies knowledge would not progress.

  5. Rachael Butera Said:

    In class we learned that copyrights give the creator of any book, video, song, etc. ownership of that creation. We also learned that society learns and creates by observing and taking in what they see, hear, and feel around them, and therefore they are likely to be influenced by art that’s already been created. Copyrights allow users to use images, sounds, quotes, and other creative works for a different purpose, if they slightly alter it. This means that the community is allowed to grow in knowledge and intuition through the work of others, without fear of violating someone else’s rights. I wonder what the extent of the right is, though. What i mean is, how much do you have to alter an image from it’s original image for it to be legal?

  6. Olivia Skal Said:

    Copyright is something that entitles a person to have ownership of something they created. Having a work copyrighted prevents others from stealing the person’s idea for their benefit. The Fair Deal, however, allows anyone to use or borrow another person’s copyrighted idea as long as it is not only for their personal gain. The person must use the idea in a different form or context than its original intent and must use to somehow benefit society.

  7. Today in class I learned about copyright. Invented in 1787, copyright entitles a person to have ownership of something they created. Copyrights give the creator ownership of the creation. Copyrights protect all work of authors, scientists, artists, etc. I also learned about the Fair Deal, which allows anyone to borrow another persons work or copyrighted idea, as long as it’s not for personal gain. I believe learning about opyright was very helpful and fun at the same time.

  8. Lauren Spezialetti Said:

    I always thought that copyright was the year a work was published or produced, but in class I learned what it actually is. Copyright protects the creator’s rights of a book, website, song, movie. or any other original creation, thanks to the laws of the United States Government. Copyright does not only apply to published works either. Copyright laws allow unpublished works to be copyrighted, too. Anybody can easily obtain a copyright on the internet for their piece of work.

  9. Ed Domitrovich Said:

    Throughout the past couple days, we learned about copyright. Copyright was created for the use of people. Established in 1787, it has been around for a few hundred years. The main purpose of Copyright is to allow people to use these items legally. When an item is copyrighted, it gives people like us the option to explore it without a problem. Copyright is to give it’s creator his/her rights and credit for the item that is copyrighted. It gives them protection. This is something that is helpful and beneficial to the people.

    • matthew moon Said:

      i agree ed tht was very well put

  10. Anthony Kashiwsky Said:

    I learned that copyright law was built upon the First Amendment and were put in the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Copyright law protects the works of people. Some examples of items that might be copyrighted are movies, music, paintings, websites, software, and many others. These items are copyrighted to protect their work from being reproduced, distributed, or displayed without the creators permission.
    While looking up my question about obtaining a copyright for something somebody had created, I found that as soon as a work is created, it becomes copyrighted by putting a (c) and the year it was created but, to have official documentation of the copyright, one has to register their work. By registering their work, they will have facts of their copyright on public record and and certificate.

  11. Kevin Budkey Said:

    We have learned about Copyright in the library over the past few days. I have learned so much from this that will help me in the future. I now know that i cannot use certain images, sounds and videos from the internet for the same purpose without permission. Copyright is to give the creator the credit of his work. Also, copyright is so that the work will not be reproduced, destributed or displayed without permission.

  12. Joe Matty Said:

    Copyright is all about the use of certain images and other material that someones owns. It helps the people more than anyone else. It also gives credit for the creator. Fair use is the right of how you can use the copyrighted material. Fair use says as long as you change the the materail or use it to teach, you will be able to use it.

  13. matthew moon Said:

    we learned about copyright, and fair use and how to go about using them. the ideas about copyright were built into the us constitution in 1787 it says that congress does not have the power to promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to the authors of the work and the inventors of the discoveries. copyright is very important and very very fun!

  14. cydnie Said:

    I learned that Congress and Government enforces copyright, and that copyright was put into effect in 1787. Copyright can be magazines, movies, music, etc. anyone can take what you have created and make it there complete own, its not right but it is legal. That is what i learned about copyright

  15. Bryan Sharps Said:

    I have learned that helped build on th values of the first amendment by acknowledging that sharing ideas an information leads to new ideas and inventions. It all started in 1787 in sthe U.S Constitution. It also helps protect laws of intellectual property. Even though copyright is singular form it has many different rights.

  16. DeJuan Said:

    Copyright is based on the ideas of the first First Amendment. The ideas of copyright were built into the Constitution in 1787. Copyright originally lasted for 14 years and another 14 years if the owner renewed registration. It is now valid for 70 years and longer if a piece of work belongs to a corperation. It lasts from 95-120 years.

  17. Grant Furr Said:

    I learned that you can take pictures or phrases from one avertisment and use it to creat a new advertisement or peice of work. I also learned that fair use is for everybody.

  18. cody kasunic Said:

    i learned that copyright is about certain images and material that someone owns. Copyright was made and established in 1787 it has been around for a few hundred years. it entitles on person to have ownership of what they created.

  19. breanne duffy Said:

    Copywright was created in 1787 and has been around ever since. The first amandment gives us the wright to use copywrighted work. Copywright gives ownership to the things you create,build, and think of.The copywright law protects your own work. The congress and goverment enforce copywright. If you change the purpose of the material you can use it as your own.

  20. markee serecin Said:

    I learned that copyright is for the people, it gives the owners the right to control their own work. You can copyright anything you can read, hear, or see. Copyrights also protects 5 freedoms which are, to think what you want, to tell others that you think, right to gather others and discuss what you think, and the right to as the government to exchange. Lastley copyright was built into the constitution of 1787.

  21. Jeremy Wentz Said:

    I learned that copyright was invented in 1787 and it’s purpose is to protect the work of the people which would include movies, books, movies, and software. Copyright protects people’s work from being reproduced or manufactured illegally without the owner’s concent. I also learned about the fair deal doctrine and how it alows people to borrow and use copyrighted material.

  22. Chelsea Said:

    In class today we learned about copyright, and i learned alot from the research i had to do. I learned that copyright began all the way back in 1787. I also learned that congress enforces copyrights. Copyright can last up to 120 years after its creator dies

  23. Kristyn Stowers Said:

    I learned that copyright is very important in the world. I never knew that copyright had a certain amount of years that is lasts. I also learned that copyright uses the fair use doctrine. There are three different views to0 copyright that they are considering using in the near furture. Overall, i learned copyright is highly important and very interesting!

  24. matt krah Said:

    Today in the library, we learned all about copyright. Copyright is a law that allows ownership of something the person has created. If someone does not follow the law of copyright then the first offence is up to a 75 dollar fine and disconnection to the internet if not removed. Other people can borrow another persons work if it isn’t a personal gain, this is called the Fair Deal.

  25. Dom Rizzuto Said:

    In the libary, i learned about copyright and fair use. copyright was created in 1787 with the idea that it was created to protect the works of the people that created the work or wat ever it is that they created. its mostly used so other people cant copy and make money off something that someone else created. now fair use is the use of someone else works to better themselves or others but no money can be made from useing other peoples works it has to be used for some good other than finachial gain. some other facts are that copyright can still aply up to 120 years after the creator dies.

  26. Marcy Hernandez Said:

    Today I learned that Copyright material is protected by the first amendment. The Copyright law protects “intellectual property”. “Intellectual Property ” is a creative way to express ideas. Owners can copyright their material. The “copyright law” allows the copyright owners to stop users from using and printing their material.

  27. Nolan Eritano Said:

    lIn the library we learned that copyright law was built were put in the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Copyright laws protect the works of people from being reproduced, distributed, or displayed without the creators permission. Copyright Laws protect everything from movies, music, poetry and any private material.

  28. theresa Said:

    throughout this lesson about copyright i learned many different things that i hadn’t known before. i admit that i am still a little confused but i learned that copyright gives you an official ownership of the works you create. you decide who can use them, who can buy them, and when people have taken it too far. copyright is a great tool to making your creativity truly be your own.

  29. theresa Said:

    REDO!!::: Throughout this lesson about copyright I learned many different things that I had not known before. I admit that I am stilla little confused, but I learned that copyright gives you an official ownership of the works you create. You decide who can use them, who can buy them, and when people have taken it too far. Copyright is a great tool to making your creativity truly be your own.

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