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Congratulations, Amy!

Congratulations to library worker Amy Kraus, who was awarded a scholarship from Cargill for her academic excellence and school and community involvement.  Amy’s scholarship included a $200 grant for the high school library, for which we’re very grateful.  We’re so proud of Amy and her accomplishments!  🙂


Quick Reads

Attention: All books are due back to the library by Friday.  Sneak in a quick read this week by grabbing a book off the library display table.  You’ll find short stories, thin novels, poetry, non-fiction with lots of photos, and graphic novels.  There are even some Dr. Seuss stories that may evoke nostalgia in the graduating seniors.  🙂

Why are books due on Friday?  This allows enough time to collect all books and fines by the end of the school year.  We will also begin inventory in the library, which is a yearly process to check for lost books and ensure the shelves are in order.  Remember, overdue books and fines must be settled before you can get your report card and graduate.

See you in the library!

Good luck, seniors!

You may have noticed the library has been closed since yesterday so the committee can set up senior projects.  Seniors will give their oral presentations today and tomorrow.  (Good luck!)  The library will reopen on Friday.

Just a head’s up: All library materials will be due by Friday, May 20, so now is the time to grab any books you’d like to read before the end of the school year.  All library obligations, including fines and overdue books, must be settled before you receive your report card and graduate.