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Send a call from Santa

Gmail allows you to send a call from Santa to anyone in the U.S.!  The site uses Google Voice and is free to U.S. numbers (unless your phone company charges for minutes).  You can choose from a variety of menu options to customize the message.  Won’t your sibling or friend be surprised when Santa calls him or her “home skillet” when promising to bring a surprise?  Happy holidays!


History of the Christmas Tree

Ever wonder where the Christmas tree came from?  This infographic from an artificial tree retailer explains (click on it to enlarge):

History of the Christmas Trees

Holiday Toy Drive

Many of you have probably seen the tree at the front of the library with ornament tags on it.  The tags list an item that a child has wished for for Christmas.  You can pick up a tag, shop for the item and drop it off in Ms. Meyers’ room with her “elves” for wrapping and delivery.  What better way get in the holiday spirit?

If there aren’t any tags left, these items are also highly desired by children:

  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • “Cool” hats
  • Steelers and Penguins gear
  • Legos
  • Makeup, nail polish, perfume/cologne
  • Jewelry
  • Barbie clothes
  • Books for all ages
  • Video games for all systems
  • Harry Potter items
  • iTunes gift cards
  • GameStop gift cards
  • My Little Pony items
  • Puzzles for all ages
  • Board games for older kids
  • Army items
  • Princess items
  • Craft supplies and kits for all ages
  • Cash donations to buy clothes for older kids

The elves thank you for your support!

Managing your digital reputation

There’s some good advice on the poster near the front office:  “Think before you post.”  Everything you post online, whether it be photos or comments, creates a digital profile of you as a person.  How do you want others, whether they be your parents, teachers, or future bosses, to see you?  You probably want to be viewed in a positive light as a person who is respectful and smart.  Below are some tips from the digital marketing firm KBSD about managing your digital reputation.