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And the winner is…

Drum roll please…

READ picture winner 2010!

Congratulations Matt, Dan, and Adam!

Expect to see the poster up in the library in about a week.

Didn’t win this year but still want your picture?  I have all of the printed pictures that anyone can have.  I also can e-mail anyone the actual file to have for yourself.  See me with any questions or request!

Teen Tech Week was a success this year!  Congrats also goes to Paul for completing the Internet Scavenger Hunt.  Thanks to all who participated in Teen Tech Week 2010!


Teen Tech Week: Question of the day, Friday

Today’s question was “If you could have one technology related item in school that you are not allowed to have now, what would it be?”

This was a popular question!  Here are some of the answers:

mp3 player I
cell phone IIII
personal laptops
Nintendo DS
Portable DVD player
Less harsh computer restrictions

And then some silly answer:
pizza oven
and tazer

Thanks for your participation in the question of the day during Teen Tech Week!

Teen Tech Week: Question of the day, Thursday

Today’s question was,  If money wasn’t an issue, what technology related product would you buy today?

Here were some of the answers:

Robot (written twice, with a comment “That’s not a good idea –irobot!)
electric can-opener
Morgan Freeman Voice Box
Mac laptop
light saber

I was surprised today  that more people didn’t say things like the new iPad, no one said any type of phone – including an iphone- everyone must be happy with their phones, and only one mention of a computer (mac laptop).  Maybe you were shy to write your answer?  If so, feel free to comment and leave your answer here!

Be sure to stop in the library tomorrow for the last Teen Tech Week Question of the day!  Also, tomorrow’s the last day to get in and vote for your favorite READ picture!

Teen Tech Week: Question of the day, Wednesday

Today’s question was “How many friends do you have on Facebook?  How many groups do you belong to?”

Here are some of the responses:

a lot

Check back for tomorrow’s question!

Teen Tech Week: Question of the day, Tuesday

Today’s questions was, “On average, how many hours to do you spend online a day?”

Here are some of the responses:

2 hours
a lot
1 hour
4 hours
6 hours

Teen Tech Week: Question of the Day, Monday

Happy first day of Teen Tech Week!

The week started off great today in the library!  Many came to check out and vote on the READ pictures, participate in the bookmark contest, do the internet scavenger hunt, check out some tech books on the tech display, play and switch around the words on the literary remix, and put in their two cents on the question of the day!

Today’s question of the day was, “How many texts do you send a day?”

Here were some of the answers:

250 (3 people)
400 (3 people)

I hope none of those texts are being sent during school hours!  If you ask me, 400 is a crazy amount for one day!  As you’re all aware, I’m quite a bit older than y’all, and don’t text nearly as much as you.  I’d say I send about 3 a day on average (with many days with none).  This week is for you to celebrate your tech skills, so text on!

Be sure to stop in tomorrow to answer tomorrow’s question of the day!

READ pictures

It’s Read Across America!

Stop in the library sometime this week to get your very own READ picture taken.  The only requirements are that you need to have a book.  You can be by yourself, or with a friend, or have your whole posse!  I’m hoping for some creative pictures this year.  You’ll have all this week to stop in to get a picture.

Be sure to stop in with all your friends next week during Teen Tech Week.  There will be lots of fun things to do in the library, and you’ll have the chance to vote on your favorite READ picture.  The winner will be blown up into poster size and hung in the library with the other READ posters.

I’m only taking picture THIS WEEK (March 1-5), so hurry!