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READ poster contest!

Happy Read Across America Week!  Celebrate by having your photo taken in the library with a book.  Next week, we will vote on our favorite poster, and the winner will be enlarged, framed and hung on the library wall.  Good luck!


Super searches

Were you watching the Super Bowl last night while using your computer or mobile device?  For most of the game, I sat with my Macbook on my lap so I could see what my friends were saying about the game, commercials and halftime show on Twitter.  Watching a football game on TV at home can be a social experience, even if your friends are scattered all over the world like mine are. 

Google reported that U.S. viewers went online during the game more than ever before.  International viewers went online as well, searching for live streaming of the event.  Google tracked the most popular searches leading up to and during the game.  If you’re ever curious what’s trending right now, check out Google Trends.  Happy searching!